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I was born in Dallas, Tx, where I grew up and lived through high school.  I went to Texas A&M to study kinesiology, which is a fancy way of saying I tried to learn how to work out better without hurting myself, or others hurting themselves, which worked to various degrees.  I also took part in the Corps of Cadets, where I took a commission in the US Army and went straight to Active Duty in 2005 after graduation.  I spent the next ten years or so in various places such as Alaska and Germany supporting the US Army in Afghanistan and Iraq by coordinating logistics support for our forces both in training and wartime missions.  I got out of the Army in 2016 and took a job in the private sector.  As I did that, I began to explore other options that I was interested in pursuing and learning about, such as film and writing.  This led me to discover the Veterans Institute for Film and Media, courtesy of another excellent Veteran’s outreach group called Allies In Service (Veterans should contact both of these groups, as they are the best around for helping veterans seek out new avenues).  I interviewed and joined the Veteran’s Institute for Film and Media in late 2018 and went through the program, exposing myself to a wide array of experienced and knowledgeable professionals in a wide array of film, media and television.  I learned the intricacies of sound and video production and editing, the daily coordination and leadership of production coordinators and producers, and many other areas of the wide world of film, television and media production.  This culminated in the opportunity to work on the set of a movie in production and see how all of the different departments carried out their daily tasks, coordinating with each other for the final result of a feature length movie.  It really opened my eyes in a real, tangible way that there is so much in this industry to explore and become involved in, be it in a part time capacity or working toward a full time career or even second career.  I am very grateful to VIFM for providing this extremely high quality opportunity, and am looking forward to getting more involved as time goes by.


Interests: Outdoors, exercise, film, fantasy/science fiction novels, writing

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