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Q: How many sessions of Film Basic Training are offered each year?

A: Currently, we offer Film Basic Training two quarters of each year.

The 2021 class begins February 1, 2021, with new applications accepted now through December 31, 2020. Applicants will be notified of their status the week of January 4, 2021.

Q: Is the program only for veterans who live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area?

A: Any veteran is welcome to apply. However, we currently are not able to support out-of-state applicants with housing and transportation. Another thing to keep in mind is the educational portion of the program, networking, mentorships and job placements all take place here in the DFW metroplex, so we feel the program best fits veterans who live or plan to work in this area. We do plan to extend the program beyond its immediate roots as we expand our network of mentors and job sites and increase our sponsorships. When that happens, we will be better able to serve veterans across the nation and find them localized support to successfully transition into the industry.

Q: What sorts of things are taught in Film Basic Training?

A: Our veterans gain a broad view of the workings of media production through a variety of methods, both in a classroom and with hands-on trips to studios and production facilities. The following topics and areas of study are among those that will be discussed:

Basics of Production:

  • Camera
  • Production Sound & Mixing
  • Basic Lighting/Grip
  • Basic Editing (Adobe Premiere)
  • Basic Writing
  • Brief History of Cinema and Television

Topics/Areas of Study:

  • Documentary
  • Fiction/Narrative
  • Television News Production
  • Commercial Production
  • Industrial Films
  • Producing/Budgeting
  • Directing
  • Crew Positions Above and Below the Line

*We will demo the following editing programs: AVID, Final Cut and DiVinci, but will spend the most time using Premiere.  Cameras: Sony, RED, Alexa.

Q: What is the cost of the program to veterans? 

A: There is a $20 application fee for our veterans, but if accepted, they essentially receive a scholarship, which covers the cost of tuition. Plus, this fee keeps all applications on file for the following two years.

Please visit our donation page to see how to sponsor a veteran’s transition.

Q: Where would I intern?

A: Internships consist of placements in film/video production, corporate and commercial films, and broadcast to expose students to several different types of production. We hope that in some cases, these opportunities will provide introductions to long-term career opportunities.

Q: Is this the right program for someone who wants to produce films?

A: Yes, but it’s not a straightforward answer. It’s important to learn the various technical aspects of movie-making to efficiently oversee the production of a film.

Q: Is it okay for me to apply if I am uncertain about my ultimate role or what job I would like to perform?

A: Yes. One of the things the program does is help you find the best fit.

Q: Will veterans with more military experience be given priority? 

A: Not necessarily. We are looking for applicants who are a good fit for the program.

Q: Are veterans guaranteed a job after the program? 

A: No, but the training and contacts they will receive during this 12-week period will certainly make their resume/cv stand above the rest and provide a foot in the door. We do what we can to help with job placement, but the rest is up to you!

Q: Is Film Basic Training the only program VIFM offers?

A: Currently, FBT is our most robust offering, but we also host intensive workshops and “one-off” opportunities in partnership with other Veteran Service and industry organizations. Keep checking back to see when those get scheduled, or—better yet—join our mailing list to stay in the know!

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